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Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance in Norwood

Protect one of your largest home investments with air conditioning maintenance in Norwood by a professional Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing technician. Routine AC maintenance will ensure that your equipment warranties stay valid, and save you money by preventing breakdowns or needing to replace your unit sooner than expected.

Benefits of Preventative AC Maintenance in Norwood

There are many benefits and reasons why you should consider preventative AC maintenance in Norwood including:

Increased Air Conditioning Efficiency

Professional maintenance can pay for itself over time, with lower energy bills. Furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps are more efficient with regular maintenance, meaning your heating and cooling bills will be lower. This savings can pay for the regularly scheduled maintenance over time.

Fewer HVAC Repairs

HVAC equipment always breaks down at the most inconvenient times, like during a heat wave. You can lessen the likelihood that your equipment will fail by having a professional technician perform preventative AC maintenance in Norwood. Our regularly scheduled maintenance plans protect your bank account from expensive repairs that could have been avoided.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The air in your home gets circulated through your HVAC system. You can decrease the amount of bacteria, dust, and allergens in the air your family breathes by professionally maintaining your system. Cleaning the coils can also prevent the growth of mold that could enter your air flow. Allergy sufferers and people with asthma or other respiratory problems should consider investing in preventative HVAC maintenance.

Lower Utility Bills

A neglected heating and cooling system decreases efficiency, leading to higher energy bills. Investing in a preventative maintenance plan will increase your systems efficiency, and could pay for itself over time through energy cost savings.

Increase Your A/C’s Lifespan

Your HVAC system can last up to 10 years in Norwood, but without proper maintenance, your furnace, A/C or heat pump can fail sooner than expected. You can prolong the life of your system by investing in professional maintenance of your equipment.

Valid Warranty

The warranty on your equipment can be voided if professional maintenance isn’t properly performed. This can result in more money out of your pocket when your HVAC system breaks down.

CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement Maintenance Agreement for HVAC and Plumbing Equipment

If you have a problem during the extreme Norwood weather, not only do you get top priority in our schedule. You can also save money on repairs and new HVAC equipment if needed.

Benefits of CAIRfree Maintenance Agreement:

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Service

  • 15% Off HVAC Repairs

  • 5% Off HVAC Equipment

  • 15% Off Indoor Air Quality Products

  • 2-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

  • 1 Annual Heating Tune-Up

  • 1 Annual Cooling Tune-Up

  • Priority Service Scheduling

  • No Overtime Charges for After-Hours Emergencies

  • Diagnostic Fee Waived with Any Repair

  • Maintain and Validate All Equipment Warranties

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