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Heat Pump and Air Conditioner in Norwood

Is A Heat Pump Superior To An Air Conditioner In Norwood?

If it's time to replace your A/C system, check out a different contender -- a heat pump. Both air condition your home, but a heat pump can also help heat your house during the winter. Air conditioners are typically less expensive, but heat pumps function more efficiently. The choice between air conditioner vs. heat pump can get complex and typically comes down to personal preference.

At the end of the day, is a heat pump better than an air conditioner in Norwood?

Keep Your House Cool With An Air Conditioner

Many Norwood homeowners think that A/C systems generate chilly air. Instead, pressurized evaporator coils stuffed with refrigerant take in excess warmth from the air throughout the house. Then, the refrigerant takes this heat energy to the outdoor compressor and condenser coils. Through pressure, the heat is extracted and let out into the outdoor air, while the now cool air is filtered back into your home.

Heat Pumps Can Air-Condition And Heat Your Home

Heat pumps can keep your home temperate using the same technology as an air conditioner. The pump will move heat from the interior to the outside of your house while bringing back in chilled air. They employ the same technology as an air conditioner, like refrigerant, pressurized coils, and compressors.

Another possibility is to install a geothermal heat pump, which loops heat energy between the air in your house and a subterranean point, called a ground loop. The ground loop has a grid of fluid-filled piping placed below ground. The heat taken out is then deposited into the soil instead of the during the cooling process.

However, heat pumps also give warmth, meaning they are two systems in one. To produce warm air, a heat pump basically functions in reverse. Your heat pump may take over for your furnace during fall and early winter -- although you'll still need a heater for sub-zero temperatures.

Is A Heat Pump Better Than An Air Conditioner In Norwood?

The decision between heat pumps vs. an A/C system in Norwood can be difficult, but here are some factors to consider:

  • Cost: Your average heat pump is pricier to install than an air conditioner. This is justified as a heat pump provides two times as much as an air conditioner. The initial installation price is largest for a geothermal heat pump that absorbs warmth from the soil rather than the air.

  • Efficiency: In terms of energy-efficiency, the end result for the air conditioner vs. heat pump debate is they're identical. However, heat pumps operate better in heat waves as most air conditioners will only give adequate cooling at temperature differentials of around 20°. The notable energy savings with heat pumps is a result of heating mode. Heat pumps are significantly more adept than a furnace when the thermometer reads above 32 degrees. An air-source heat pump can deliver approximately 175 - 300% energy savings in heating mode. And a geothermal heat pump can give you 300 - 600% performance during efficiency!

  • Durability: Both an air conditioner and a heat pump generally last 15-20 years. Since they’re constructed comparably, they take the same maintenance needs. A geothermal heat pump survives a little longer, with a 20-25 year expected life on the pump, while the subterranean system lasts 25-50 years.

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