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Norwood furnace trouble shooting tips

The Easiest Norwood Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

A malfunctioning heating system is the last thing you jneed to worry about during the cold winter nights! Luckily, some of our NATE-certified HVAC technicians are available to provide a couple Norwood furnace troubleshooting tips for your HVAC unit. The following points will help you resolve simple HVAC issues, saving you the hours and cost associated with a service call.

Certainly, if you do you are in need of knowledgeable help, just call Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We’re on-call 24/7 - including on holidays - to tend to your emergency Norwood furnace repair call. If you find that your heating system troubleshooting does not fix your dilemma, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Your Home Doesn’t Have Enough Heat

Is your heating system functioning but your living areas just won’t hold warm air? If your heater or heat pump doesn’t give off enough heat, a blocked filter is typically to the source. To clean and replace your filter, try these four quick steps:

  1. Locate the unit’s filter chamber and take off the access door if needed.

  2. Slide the filter out and examine. If dust coats the filter where light can’t go through the other side, you’re past due for a new filter.

  3. Place the new filter in the correct direction, noted by the marks on the filter’s frame.

  4. Change access casings if needed.

Look at the filter once a month in the colder times of year to watch its condition and replace as as often as your furnace needs it.

If your house still doesn’t adequately warm up after updating your HVAC unit filter, the lack of air flow could be coming from your vents. If vents are blocked, your rooms can’t have enough heat. To check your vents:

  1. Walk through your rooms and look at all floor and ceiling grilles and return air vents.

  2. Be sure louvers under the vents are pushed open. Switch out any defective registers when the louvers won’t come open.

  3. Take off any rugs, carpeting, furniture or other pieces of furniture that are in front of or over the register or vent. You need free air flow from ducts into your living spaces.

You Have No Heat Coming From Your HVAC Unit

When your HVAC unit or heat pump clicks on and is functioning but no air is coming from the vents inside your home, you might have a problem inside the blower motor. You should be able to troubleshoot this HVAC unit complication by following these easy steps:

  1. Turn off the power to the heating system.

  2. Take off the access door to the blower compartment.

  3. Inspect for dirt that could be clogging the blower and clear it away if required.

  4. Look over the fan belt – if it has slipped or popped, the blower won’t operate. You can change a slipped fan belt back on the wheels. If the belt is broken, you can switch it with a new fan belt yourself or reach us at 513-230-2156 to help you out.

Cold Air Is Flowing from Your Registers

If your heating system is operating but the cold air blows out, a variety of things might be the problem. Use these various Norwood furnace troubleshooting tips to determine the source of the problem and solve it.

  • Thermostat fan settings. Be sure the system’s fan settings of the thermostat is positioned to AUTO instead of ON. When the AUTO position, the blower blows out cooler air when it’s in a heating cycle.

  • Air filter. Whenever the filter is too filthy, it may restrict airflow and warmth. Follow the furnace troubleshooting steps detailed above to inspect and replace your filter.

  • Pilot light. Whenever the pilot light malfunctions on an older gas furnace, the furnace fails to generate heat and will blow colder air instead. Flip off the gas source, wait for the area to air out for 15 minutes, then follow the owner’s instruction manual to light the pilot. Do not attempt to restart the pilot light if you continue to smell gas. Contact us If the pilot light will not come on or stay lit.

  • Fuel source. Be certain gas valves are opened for natural gas furnaces. For oil or liquid propane heating systems, make sure the fuel tank is appropriately filled and that the supply line valves are opened. It might be time to set up a tank fill.

  • Heat pump ice. When the heat pump’s coils have iced over, the heat transfer function is impeded. Unfortunately, the defrost mechanism on the unit’s heat pump may not thaw heavy ice. Switch off power to the heat pump and softly get off the ice from the unit along with other snow or dirt.

Your Heating System Does Not Turn Off

If the heating system won’t turn off and continually runs, not only can your home become uncomfortable, but you burn a lot of energy. To avoid this, start with inspecting the thermostat fan position as outlined above. After verifying fan settings, look at the actual thermostat. Thermostat energy problems may cause the heating system to continuously run.

  1. Inspect the thermostat display – if it doesn’t turn on, a power problem is likely the problem.

  2. Pull out old batteries that are in the thermostat and updated them with brand-new ones.

  3. When working with hardwired thermostats, check your home’s electrical panel. Locate the circuit that the thermostat is on and inspect its breaker or fuse. Restart the breaker if it has tripped and switch out the fuse if necessary.

  4. If the thermostat still doesn’t turn on, it likely should be switched out.

Your Heating System Won’t Turn On

If you find that your HVAC unit or heat pump does not come on, you might have to troubleshoot various different components.

  • Thermostat. Check the thermostat power, following the steps mentioned above. Verify that the HEAT mode is selected, not COOL. Check all programming and confirm the correct date and time. Verify VACATION or HOLD modes are not turned on.

  • Heating system power. Check out the electric panel and ensure breakers are appropriately set and the fuses are in good condition. Check the physical ON/OFF switches on your HVAC unit, air handler, and outer heat pump to ensure they are set to ON.

  • Access panels. In some units, removed or loose access panels limit system operation as a safety measure. Examine internal HVAC unit equipment and secure the access panels.

  • Air filter. Blocked air filters reduce airflow and could cause system overheating. Then the system shuts down and won’t switch on when temperatures are too high. Follow the above tips to replace a dusty filter and allow the furnace to cool down. If the unit does not begin again, you might need expert heating service.

Norwood Furnace Troubleshooting Not Getting It Done?

If you tried our Norwood furnace troubleshooting steps and still cannot get your HVAC unit to operate, then you should contact Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Call us any day at 513-230-2156 for speedy, reliable repairs. Our NATE-certified heating experts are available any day and can swiftly tend to your needs before the winter.

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