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The Importance Of Scheduling an Air Conditioner Tune-Up In Norwood

You know the time is right for your annual air conditioner tune-up in Norwood when springtime arrives. An A/C tune-up can promote the utmost efficiency of your unit, allowing you to save money on summer HVAC bills. Additionally, when your A/C receives the proper maintenance, you'll boost its longevity and help prevent costly repairs.

You could think tune-ups are insignificant because of the small amount of time they need to be completed, but you’ll undoubtedly be sorry if you have a tendency to forget about them. Explore why maintenance services for your A/C are vital to keep it running smoothly.

What Is Done At Your Norwood A/C Tune Up?

Once you call for an A/C tune-up, a service technician will set up an appointment to accommodate your availability. When they arrive, anticipate these services to be carried out on your exterior A/C unit:

  • All coils are cleaned
  • Refrigerant level is checked
  • Electrical hook-ups are checked and made secure
  • Air filters are removed and new ones inserted
  • Any debris or dirt is cleaned out of condensate drain
  • The condenser and its connected parts are evaluated to ensure they are correctly working together
  • The fan’s motor is examined for sufficient airflow

When the work is done, the heating and cooling specialist will give a thorough report of the state of your air conditioner and whether they uncovered any concerns. In the event a an additional service or new air conditioner is called for, they will supply you with an estimate and instructions on how to set a time for the upcoming job.

An A/C Check-Up Will Enhance Energy Efficiency

Each time you run your A/C, it experiences wear and tear. The stress inflicted on the system may not cause enough injury to necessitate repairs, but it could affect its energy efficiency. As time goes by and the equipment goes without routine service, the more inefficient your A/C becomes. It’s possible you won’t even notice a reduction in the comfort levels you experience indoors, but you may notice that it’s running more than it used to. In addition, you’ll note the change in your energy expenses.

By giving your A/C regular service, you are able to offset the impact of daily usage. Your air conditioner will continue to create the cooling you want as efficiently as possible. That's great for the environment in addition to your budget.

An A/C Check-Up Diminishes The Chance Of Costly Repairs Or Replacement Units

If you’ve had to call a technician for air conditioner repairs in Norwood, you are well aware that it is often expensive. Thankfully, an A/C tune-up might extend the lifespan of your equipment. Many brands also expect you to get regular maintenance to fulfill the warranty!

Ultimately, your technician can inform you if your A/C is ready to be retired. Now you can set the time when you would like to remove a unit that has seen better days. That's much better -- and more affordable -- than being forced to get an emergency installation of a new A/C during the heat of summertime! It may even give you a chance to consider a geothermal system or heat pump.

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