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WCA Water Heater in Norwood

What Are The Reasons Behind Norwood Water Heater Popping?

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to hear weird sounds like popping coming out of your water heater, and you have good reason to feel uneasy when you hear it. That unwelcome racket indicates your Norwood water heater is in need of immediate action to avoid a breakdown. Understanding why your water heater is popping will let you decide what’s the next step to stop and it the confidence of coming up with aassist you in determining how to get it fixed and how to reduce the likelihood of future occurrences.

Why Is Your Norwood Water Heater Popping?

If you discover your Norwood water heater itself isn’t creating the noise and the pop isn’t coming from the appliance. It’s steam bubbles popping as they work through a layer of sediment that gathers among the bottom of your heater. Minerals like calcium and lime, along with other minuscule debris within the tank, cling and accumulate over time at the base of your tank -- more significantly if you use hard water. If the layer gets thick enough, it prevents water from moving freely. As that trapped water heats up, it boils and builds up the pressure needed to break through. This is what makes the dreaded popping sound.

What Should You Do About Your Popping Water Heater?

A popping water heater in Norwood might not sound like a big deal, but all of that mineral buildup is likely to create problems. Too much sediment will decrease your tank’s available space and cut down on your hot water supply. It can also reduce your water heater’s efficiency and grow your utility expenses. If you have a gas water heater, mineral deposits prevent heat from transferring properly from the gas burner to the water. This is known to cause the tank to wear out, overheat, and leak. When using electric, the problem can bring upon heating element failures.

Flushing out your water heater will remove problematic buildup. Your experienced Norwood plumber will perform this maintenance in a efficient manner. If you prefer to do yourself, follow these basic steps:

  • If your system is electric, power down the unit at the circuit breaker. If using a gas heater, change to the “pilot” setting.

  • Cut off the water to your heater.

  • Stand by for at least 30 minutes to allow the hot water to cool.

  • Attach a garden hose to the release valve near the bottom of your tank and let the water flow somewhere it can drain.

  • Pinpoint the pressure release valve on top of the appliance and switch to the up position.

  • Your ready to now open the the water outlet valve.

  • Let the tank drain all the way.

  • Next, turn on the water again to remove any remaining debris. You can add a deliming or descaling solution if needed into the inlet pipe.

  • When the draining water runs clear, close the drain valve, flip the pressure release valve back, and allow water to fill your unit

  • Finally, when the tank is full again, turn your water heater back on.

Is There A Way to Avoid A Popping Water Heater?

Maintaining your unit by flushing and refilling at least once every year will help keep the mineral deposits under control. While you might consider doing it yourself, arranging an appointment each year with your plumber means one less job to worry about, and it gets done correctly every time. In addition to flushing your water heater, your plumbing team can finish any other needed maintenance and look into any concerns you have before they become plumbing disasters.

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