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Air Conditioning Repair in Norwood

What Should You Do If Your A/C Is Not Cooling In Norwood?

The Norwood summer is known for delivering a steamy and uncomfortable climate. Regrettably, there's no respite from outdoor temperatures when your HVAC system can't keep up. There's several explanations why your A/C is not cooling in Norwood, but you will likely need time to diagnose to diagnose the fix. And if you’re not up for the task, you should know you can contact Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for assistance.

Take Notice Of The Outdoor Temp When Your A/C Won't Cool

Most A/C units won't tackle effectively cooling when it gets unseasonably hot outside. A well-fitted system for your house still only cools to a level that is 20° less than the current outside weather. Lower the thermostat past that point, and the fan keeps going but with little noticeable difference. That mightcould be hard to accept during the middle of 100° heat. But the 20° difference will still feel nice and cool.

Simple Tips To Help Cool Off Your House

The most important step you can take when your A/C isn’t cooling is to reduce your house's heat gain. That lessens the cooling demand on your A/C and will lower inside temps. Utilize these smart ways to stop heat gain in your indoor living areas:

  • Change your HVAC air filters

  • Check for accidentally closed registers

  • Keep weeds and grass away from the condenser unit outside your home

  • Use window coverings like shades or shutters to reduce the sun’s heat

  • Avoid extensive use of the oven and stove top

  • Let clothes air dry to reduce dryer usage

  • Use products to close open areas around the top, bottom, and sides of doors and windows to limit hot air from invading your house

  • Circulate colder interior air with ceiling fans or free-standing floor fans by vents

Repairs for A/C Units That Remedy Cooling Difficulties

If changes around your rooms prove to be insufficient, your cooling issues are likely a a failure somewhere within your cooling system. Fixes to your air conditioner may range from routine cleaning of ducts to a total replacement with a new air conditioner or heat pump. Potential sources of failure for your home’s air conditioning include:

  • Disconnected ductwork: Cracked or detached air ducts might cause energy loss up to 30 percent.

  • Leaking refrigerant: When refrigerant is leaking, your A/C won’t have the proper volume or pressure needed to cool your home.

  • Dirty coils: Accumulation of contaminants on coils reduces efficiency and increases the chance of your system freezing.

  • Faulty thermostat: If your thermostat can't determine indoor temperatures effectively, it won’t properly address your air conditioner. Switching out the device is much more cost-effective than buying new HVAC equipment and could make a huge difference might be the only patch you need might restore your HVAC to proper function.

  • Outdated technology: As air conditioning equipment ages it loses its ability to function efficiently.

  • Improperly fitted A/C: When an air conditioner is undersized, it will have difficulty providing the comfort levels you want. An improperly fitted unit might even increase your energy bills and cause more wear and tear to equipment.

When Is It Time For A New A/C Unit In Norwood?

When nothing else helps your cooling issue, then you probably need to think about the overall HVAC system. Switch out your old unit to a newer model and take advantage of better energy efficiency and performance. You could even change your HVAC completely with an eco-friendly geothermal unit, a heat pump, or an advanced thermostat you can program and adjust from your phone.

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