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Heat pump in Norwood

What You Should Know About The Cost Of A Heat Pump In Norwood

Even though there are many different ways to heat your home, a lot of Norwood homeowners decide to install a heat pump. These energy-efficient systems typically have an extended lifespan, less upkeep, and less expensive energy bills than standard heating units. But is the price of a heat pump in Norwood higher than a traditional heating unit?

Things That Determine The Price Of A Heat Pump in Norwood

It’s not always easy to estimate the exact cost of a heat pump in Norwood. That’s because the final price tag includes all of the equipment and installation. These things aren't always the same for every system and can fluctuate based on the size of your house, the state of your air handler and ductwork, and the type of heat pump you purchase.

In any case, your costs will include the following items:

Model of Heat Pump

There are a variety of styles of heat pump units that can be used to heat and cool homes: air-source, water-source, and ground-source. Water-source and ground-source heat pumps need geothermal equipment, which is normally more expensive. Installation of a geothermal heat pump unit also costs more because it requires piping that helps transfer heat to and from the ground or water source.

At the end of the day, a geothermal heat pump can be priced up to $10,000 or more when you include installation. By contrast, an air-source heat pump is a less expensive option since it has less complicated equipment. These are generally the more favored pumps and can run about half the rate of a geothermal heat pump.

Heat Pump Ability

In general, a greater capacity heat pump costs more in Norwood than a smaller capacity heat pump. Your installation professional will let you know what capacity size you should install for the best heating output. Sadly, you are not able to cut costs by getting an undersized system. An ill-sized heat pump could lead to additional energy costs, wear and tear to the system, frequent breakdowns, early system failure, and substantial discomfort inside your home.

Energy Efficiency

The higher the efficiency of a heat pump unit system the likeliness it will cost more. Luckily, the larger the initial price tag, the less it takes to operate. Considering that heat pumps are designed to use less power than conventional heating, the energy savings of a more energy-friendly system can be considerable.


Several quality HVAC equipment manufacturers assemble heat pumps, and each unit’s cost can differ based on the model. Certain styles are known for being more cost-efficient than others, and some are recognized for their high-end and advanced equipment. Each equipment manufacturer typically sells a couple of heat pump options in their product line, ranging from less expensive models to systems with all of the latest innovations. Additional easy to use features and efficiency-improving technology and innovation go into these elite models.

What Else Dictates The Final Price Of A Heat Pump In Norwood?

Installing A Matched Air Handler

A heat pump is known as the outdoor piece of your HVAC system. In order for the hot air to circulate throughout your home, you definitely need an air handler. Your heat pump should pair up with your air handler for exceptional operation and energy efficiency. If you replace just the heat pump, you should check the air handler. If they don’t match up, then it’s one more part of the system on the end price tag.


For homes that have not been upgraded to a forced-air heating and cooling system in the past, you will need updated ductwork to transport the forced-air to to adequately supply your living areas. Homes with archaic duct systems often need light renovations, such as duct sealing, to add to the system's efficiency. Any needed ductwork improvements should affect the cost of a new heat pump.


The last cost of a heat pump in Norwood is the HVAC installation itself. If you use the right HVAC experts, like Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, you will receive a price estimate upfront. Don’t use any company who holds back the installation or equipment price until the job is complete, as you will most likely get a nasty shock when the final bill comes due.

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