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Efficient heating system in Norwood

Want The Most Efficient Heating System For Your Living Space In Norwood?

If you're akin to most home-owners, you've move certainly wondered what's the most energy efficient heating system for your house. From conventional gas units to below ground geothermal heat pumps, you have several of HVAC options. Hopefully, you'll learn that your functioning solution is the most efficient heating system for your home in Norwood. But if it's not, it may be right to upgrade to a new heating solution.

The Most Expensive To Operate Heating System For Your Norwood Home: The Electric Furnace

People often think that electric heating and air units would be efficient as they do not consume fossil fuels and therefore don't waste the energy they consume. In reality, the volume of electricity to generate warmth may outweigh the exhaust waste. As a general rule, electricity is more costly than gas, and the creation of electricity is still commonly performed by antiquated means, for example, the burning of coal. Over the duration of your furnace, you might pay twice as much in heating bills when compared to other means like gas, heat pumps, or geothermal systems. The bright side: the intial set-up of your electric unit will be nicer on the bank account.

Natural Gas Furnaces Have Advanced To Be More Energy-Efficient Over Time

The conventional natural gas-powered heater isn’t known to be energy-efficient. In the not too distant history, a gas unit only processed 80% of the gas it burned into heat for your house. The remaining 20% was wasted via exhaust. Technology has advanced, and you'll now easily find heaters with a 95% efficiency rating. The cost savings on utility costs may not appear to be that sizeable over an electric furnace initially, but it might save you a a pretty penny in energy costs over the entire life of the heater.

Consider a Traditional Heat Pump For Significant Efficiency

To increase efficiency with your heating system in Norwood, a tried-and-true heat pump could be an option. Instead of generating warmth, your heat pump utilizes pressurized coils and refrigeration to pull in heat from the outside air into your home. This air transmission creates steady warmth and requires a fraction of the fuel of a standard furnace.

Unfortunately, the air-source heat pump won't function as effectively on those brisk, Norwood nights when it's frequently below freezing. Then, you will likely need to get a traditional furnace to to fill in. You can also use your heat pump as an air conditioner during the summer months and pull heat from within your home and release it outside. 

Geothermal Heat Is The Most Efficient Heating System In Norwood

How would you like a heating system with up to 500% energy-efficiency? That's precisely what you have with geothermal heating. Using large pressurized coils in the ground, you can reach returns of five units of warmth for each unit of electricity processed in the system. The end product is an energy savings of approximately 70% off your power bills in comparison to run-of-the-mill HVAC systems. This up-front cost of geothermal heat can likely pay off in as little as five to 10 years.

How is geothermal heat so efficient? Just like an air heat pump, heat passes through huge, pressurized coils to your HVAC system. Even though outdoor temperatures can shift dramatically, the ground keeps to a consistent 45° - 75° Fahrenheit. This environmentally-conscious system appropriate for heating and cooling may require some electricity to work but takes much less than a standard air-source heat pump. As a benefit, a geothermal heat pump should also last for up to 50 years!

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