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Frequently Asked Heating and Cooling Questions

Check out these heating and cooling FAQs for Norwood. This list should answer some of the common questions our customers have regarding air conditioners or furnaces in Norwood, including repair and installation.

Heat rises, thus the reason it’s hotter upstairs during summertime. Assuming the HVAC system was sized and installed the right way, you may benefit from getting a zone system if you can. Sometimes the addition of return air ductwork will help boost air movement and help keep upper floors more comfortable.
UV stands for ultraviolet. Located in the return air ductwork and next to the internal cooling coil, the ultraviolet air system constantly releases high-intensity ultraviolet (UV) light. The ultraviolet lighting can help halt mold or bacteria development and spread in your heating system.
Actually, yes! Even though your heating and air system in Norwood is new, it still needs to have annual maintenance performed. This will assist with keeping the warranty valid. Regular service checks also lengthens the life of your heating and AC system.
This is normal. What looks like smoke actually84 is steam from the outdoor coil after it finishes a defrost process. After extended use, the outdoor unit will start to build up frost or ice on the condenser coil. The heater is designed to start a defrost mode when required to melt the frost away and keep the efficiency level up.
Using candles may be the cause for any black residue on your walls and ceilings, as well as clouding the home’s air.
Carbon monoxide, also known as the silent killer, can pose a serious threat in some circumstances and is a great reason to have your system serviced by Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.
Cleaning your ducts is often helpful in enhancing your indoor air quality. A premium whole house duct cleaning will help prevent the spread of impurities in your ductwork and house.
SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.” Essentially it indicates how well it converts electricity to cooling comfort. AFUE means “Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency” which is a measure of how well your heat system is utilizing its fuel.
The air circulating in our homes is often loaded with dust, pollen, plant spores, and other pollutant particles. Oftentimes, it’s worse than the outside air. Regularly switching your filters is so important.
Running the heat in winter leads to dry air in our houses. Dry air might hurt the woodwork and furniture we have in our home as well as zapping our skin’s moisture. Chat with a representative about how to add humidity to your Norwood house.
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