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Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Is Your Source For Heat Pumps in Norwood

If you’re in need of a cost-effective way to warm and cool your house, look no further than a heat pump in Norwood. Heat pumps pull in the surrounding warmth from the outside air and forces it past coolant until it’s the right temperature. This singular unit operates as an air conditioner and works in tandem with your furnace to warm up your house. A heat pump should also save you money over the years on upkeep and energy costs.

Heat Pumps Vs. A Conventional HVAC System

While a heat pump is typically a valued piece of your HVAC system, it is different than a conventional system that combines separate units for heating and air-conditioning. First, a heat pump only uses one unit that powers both heating and air-conditioning. In the summer heat, when you want cool air flowing into the house, your heat pump brings in outdoor air to cool just like a typical air conditioner -- although it can be more economical. Then in cool weather, it finds heat from outside air and pumps it inside your home. That leaves your furnace for intensive heating.

The end result is a pleasant, efficient process that's easy on your HVAC system. The units normally cost less to run, require less maintenance, and last longer than standard heating units. And with a single device that controls both heat and cooling, it's incredibly efficient in the variable spring and fall weather in Norwood.

Benefits of A Heat Pump in Norwood

Numerous homeowners in Norwood use a heat pump because:

  • Heat pumps are energy efficient: Your installed unit utilizes heat already in the atmosphere and carries it into your house. This method minimizes the amount of fuel you have to use to create heat.

  • Only one unit is required for heating and A/C: In the winter, your heat pump brings in warmed air to your furnace to increase efficiency. Then when temperatures rise, your heat pump can reverse the process and acts as your air conditioner.

  • Increased energy savings: While you may only see a slight amount of savings in the summer while on A/C mode, you may see huge energy savings in the cold parts of the year due to your furnace isn’t required to work as much. Energy savings will likely be even greater if you have a more expensive gas heater.

  • Better life expectancy: Heat pumps in Norwood generally have a greater lifespan in comparison to many standard air conditioners. And since a heat pump does also bring in warm air to your system, it can even extend the life of your furnace.

  • Quick source of heat: A heat pump is independent up to 30° Fahrenheit. Your less effective furnace won't turn on until it reaches frigid temperatures. Even in arctic weather, your furnace will gain from having to heat warmer air via the heat pump.

Heat pump installation in Norwood

Things To Know About Heat Pump Installation In Norwood

Here are the key things to keep in mind when you’re picking out your heat pump for installation.

Heat Pump Expenses

Because a heat pump boths warms and cools, a heat pump is pricier than a stand-alone A/C unit or furnace. In spite of that, the energy savings of a heat pump -- particularly when it substitutes for a less effective furnace in the spring or autumn in Norwood -- can make up for the more expensive installation.

Inside Unit Installation

A heat pump leverages an internal unit and an outside unit. The outdoor component absorbs the warmth from ambient air and pushes it through pressurized coils to the indoor unit for distribution. The installation will therefore happen both inside and outside your home.

Professional Heat Pump Installation

Because many heat pump installations employ several moving parts, we recommend leveraging the prowess of professional installers, like Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We can walk you through the different makes and models of heat pumps and can get your money-saving HVAC operating in no time. Some homeowners also choose to install a new furnace that can more efficiently leverage the new heat pump.

Heat Pump Repair In Norwood

Heat pumps operate year-round to provide both heat and cooling. Due to this, there's not a best time for upkeep or repair. You are strongly encouraged to do an annual look-over on your external unit to confirm that the pressurized refrigerant is still operating properly and that the vents are free from dirt.

If your heat pump malfunctions -- perhaps from a haywire starter capacitor or reversing valve -- you’ll need immediate attention. If it’s an emergency, call us at 513-230-2156. We’re at your service for heat pump repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Need A New Heat Pump In Norwood?

When you’re ready to power up your HVAC system with a heat pump, ask the specialists at Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We'll discuss your preferences and budget and give recommendations for brands, sizes, and heat pump models in Norwood. Our experts will promptly install the indoor and outside units with warranties high above industry standards. Call us at 513-230-2156 or complete the form.

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