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Hot Water Heater Pricing in Norwood

How pricey is it to get a new water heater installed in Norwood? Sadly, there isn’t necessarily a straightforward answer. Factors like heater type, model, and installation needs can impact the fee. Depending on what you require for your hot water solution, you may have an estimate ranging from $1,500 for a common tank replacement to $5,000+ for a new premiere solar water heater.

The best option in determining the price of a water heater in Norwood is to call Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We’ll explain all of your hot water solutions and can provide you a complimentary quote based on type, brand, and your family’s needs. To get you started, consider these items when you're thinking about price.


Type Of Hot Water Heaters

Your main price variances will come from the water heater type you choose. Your standard tanks will usually be the economical type of water heaters. Prices then climb for more efficient heaters. However, what you pay for outright will probably save you on monthly utility bills as your heater ages. From lowest to highest, here is what you can expect to shell out for each type of unit:

Standard tank: These are the most common -- and most inefficient -- in water heating units. Water flows into the tank, is warmed, then stays stored until use. Not only does brand affect the price in a tank heater, but so does the tank size. The standard traditional tank may cost anywhere between $700 - $2,000 for parts and labor.

Tankless water heater: Your on-demand units are more space conscious and efficient. They heat the water as it flows through a series of super-heated coils. They are tricky to install and will cost about three times that of a conventional tank heater -- running about $1,500 - $3,000 for components and labor.

Hybrid heat pump water heaters: A heat pump sucks in air from its surroundings to make your water heating faster and more efficient. The extra heat pump unit raises the cost. Anticipate paying anywhere between $1,200 and $3,500 to install the unit.

Solar-powered water heaters: These are the most expensive and the most variable in price. Depending on what solar panels you use, and where they have to be placed, a solar-powered water heater might cost between $1,800 to $10,000.

Norwood water heater

Water Heater Brand

Name-brand water heaters typically cost a touch bit more but may last longer and heat more efficiently. Name-brand water heaters, like A.O. Smith and Rheem, usually are paired with a better factory warranty. Lesser known brands may save you up-front, but they may not come with the same bevy of options of a name-brand. Many times, these "discount" brands have shorter warranty windows and require more water heater maintenance.

That doesn’t mean that the name brand is your best option. Your Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing professional will analyze your needs and will provide you with several suggestions. In some instances, the efficiency savings won’t justify the price tag of a higher-priced unit.


Hot Water Heater Unit Features

The era of a standard water heater tank are long since passed. Now you can have alarmed heaters, dual-zone heating elements, and even smart water heaters you can adjust with a mobile app. Of course, you still can get the old standard storage tank -- which is quite a bit less expensive than its futuristic counterparts.


Installation Specifications

The unit alone isn't the only determiner in the final price of a water heater in Norwood. Using a certified plumber for installation will add to the bottom line. You could DIY install your own water heater to recoup costs, but unless you know what you're doing, expect to employ a plumber.

The optimal installation is a complete replacement. The pro will arrive with the new unit, perform the installation, sample the water, and haul the old unit away. The complete process should take around three hours, and labor costs are relatively straightforward.

However, not all heater installations are simple. If your water heater takes a new fuel source, it will add to the time and materials to achieve the replacement. Many homeowners in Norwood will also choose to install a new water softener simultaneously with their new water heater. "Soft" water typically helps extend a water tank’s lifespan and keeps your appliances operating like new. These extra steps will all be factored into your complimentary quote before installation.


Finding Out The Price Of A Water Heater In Norwood Starts With A Free Quote

Pricing out your water heater isn’t always simple. But you can rely on the professionals at Thomas & Galbraith Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to help you out. Our certified plumbers will help assess your needs and find the best water heater for you. Then we’ll give you a free quote on your water heater pricing options. Call us today at 513-230-2156 or send in the form below.

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